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International Day of Justice observed at BVM (USN) « 17/Jul/2020

International Day of Justice observed at BVM (USN)
Injustice anywhere in the world, is a threat to justice everywhere’

BVM,USN celebrated International Day of Justice today to make Bvmites aware  and stand united to fight back injustice against humanity. Highlighting the significance of this international day, in her speech, Mrs Priyanka Kapila (TGT- SST) acquainted the students with the historic event of adoption of the Rome statute on this day in 1998, it is celebrated throughout the world on July 17 as part of an effort to recognize the emerging system of international criminal justice.

To mark the day, students of class IX showcased   their artistic skills by making  posters and cards on the theme 'Justice'.  Applauding the active & artistic online participation of Bvmites from their homes,  Principal Bandana Sethi urged that everyone should respect rights and responsibilities of oneself as well as others and ensure equality and justice for all to establish a progressive and prosperous society.